Fall down and miss the ground

Alexander Q. Goldovsky
-10th April-


The Voyager Trip -Astronomy-

In the future, a historical point will be the Voyager Trip, as important as the first walk on the moon, our technology will be enough advanced that we will be able to goes and come back in a very short time to the actual Voyager probe, and it will become the first moving museum, a vestige of our first spacial exploration.

Alexander Q. Goldovsky


Second Tumblr

I open a second tumblr for my Monochrome work only,
In the mood for Monochrome

I just don't know how to say, but you are so beautful ! you look so nice! I read that you live in montreal in canada. I in the same city ! sorry haha , so, je te laisse ! Bonne journée :P

Ah merci :)

Hey ! just want to know ^^ where ou are living ? :P the city haha
by Anonymous

I am currently living in Montreal -Canada-, a wonderful city.

ooohhh cool, can I ask what that date means to you?? I'm just really curious.

It was the day  I left my country to live in a place I’ve never been before for someone.

oops, my bad, I assumed it was april 10th because you have written under your name :O, anyway's, hey :)

Don’t worry a friend of mine was fooled too cause she have her birthday at this date, 10thApril is more like a compagny name to me ;)

Great page, great hair!

oh thank you !

we have the same birthday :)

oh ? the 4th of June ? :D